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Myth of the King

Myth of the King: Quest for the Kesia

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The prophecy of the Fifth Age is upon the world of Songhaia. Most in the Science Society do not believe in old myth and stories anymore Dayan is a young boy who has never left his village. The Wizard Habenzy seeks the Kesia, an object of myth. Dayan leaves the safety of the Kisibari Mountain Valley to join the Wizard's Questband. They are hunted as they search by the Preeminent's Right Hand. To succeed they must trust in the Iwe, they must trust in their destiny. The armies of the Preeminent prepare. The Allied City States prepare. All of Songhaia prepares for war and the next Age.

Myth of the king is story of a young boy in a magical land who takes on a mission beyond what he is prepared for. This is a story about world building and the contention between the four major societies, Science, Tribal, Psychic, and Religious. African myth and Black American folklore are used as inspiration for the story.

Myth of the King is an Action, Adventure, High Fantasy, Science Fiction, Wizard and Magic Story.

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