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The stories on this site are things I have been thinking about and developing for many years. I finally decided to put my thoughts, ideas, and concepts on paper, so to speak. I do this hoping it will make me a better writer. And if possible a best selling author or at least a good selling one. At least a will become a better writer and perhaps gain a writing career from this.

I have to admit I prefer world building moreso than the character development and dialogue. It takes me some time to work on the details of those last two, so I do take some time. But I hope I give the reader something interesting, perhaps humorous, maybe thought provoking and of course entertaining in the finish product.

I intend to do sequels to the books I have created, finish stories I have started, create more stories (full and short stories) and make new original stories.

All works on this site belong to J.R. Thomas aka the JRT. If you want to use my works, to place on your site or anything else. Go to the contact section using any one of those medias to ask for my permission first. Or just be certain to give credit and links to my site or shops where applicable.


I haven't drawn much for many years. Other than a storyboard here and and there I haven't done much artwork. When I was younger I sketched, and drew much more. I hope to change this. I will be placing artwork on this site and on print on demand sites too. Check back often to see what I add. I intend to do some still life, images of beautiful women, will work on doing landscape (real and imagined), character designs, work based on my stories, and perhaps graphic comic books.

I will be adding much of my work to print on demand sites for sale. Pixels.com aka FineArtAmerica.com, Society6, CafePress and Deviantart. Feel free to check out the work on these sites and buy.

When looking for my work check under the names Jayvon Thomas, JRTart, the JRT, JRTstories or J. R. Thomas.

I would like to thank those that have supported me so far, by reading, and buying my works. Thank you for the support. With time I will be adding so much more so stay tuned and return often to this site or facebook page, google+ page, pinterest, twitter and tumblr. Thanks again.

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